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Green gram is one of the main components of green gram handmade soap, which is known for its amazing dermal qualities. This nutrient-rich bean aids in unclogging pores, promoting healthy, beautiful skin, and gently exfoliating dead skin cells. The soap is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, as it is soft on the skin and does not include any harsh chemicals or synthetic components. By promoting a more uniform skin tone, reducing the appearance of blemishes and acne scars, and improving skin texture, regular use of green gram handcrafted soap may leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and renewed.


Anti-inflammatory characteristics: Virgin coconut oil and green gram both contain substances that have
anti-inflammatory properties, making them useful for treating and preventing skin infections as well as lowering skin inflammation.
Moisturizing qualities: Virgin coconut oil may help moisturize and nourish the skin, while green gram can work as a natural moisturizer in soap, helping to remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin renewal.
Antibacterial properties: Virgin coconut oil is among the best remedies for skin problems since it has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. Bronchitis and eczema are only two of the many skin problems that may be treated with Virgin coconut oil.
Brightening: Green gram soap can help the skin seem more radiant and can lessen the visibility of dark spots and blemishes. This is because green gram contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that can aid in skin lightening.
Detoxifying: Green gram soap can aid in skin detoxification and impurity removal. This can help the skin seem more vibrant and enhance its general health.
Exfoliation: Green gram powder aids in the removal of dead skin cells to expose new, fresh skin. This can help the skin seem brighter and more radiant while also enhancing the skin’s overall texture.


Green gram powder
Virgin coconut oil
Coconut oil
Coconut cake

Suitable for:

Dry skin: Green gram soap can help moisturize dry skin and prevent it from becoming flaky or itchy.Oily skin: Green gram soap can help to remove excess oil from the skin and prevent acne breakouts. Sensitive skin: Green gram soap is gentle and non-irritating, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

How to use:

If you have sensitive skin in particular, lather your soap with your hands. Use lukewarm water to wash your hands to ensure they are clean. Avoid getting soap in your eyes and gently rub the foam over your face with your hands in circular motions. Dry off after rinsing with cold water. If you’ve just finished in the shower, shut your pores with cool water from the sink before patting your face dry.

What’s out:

The green gram handmade soap has been produced without the use of palm oil and the other common average oils for the soap. The soap is also free from artificial coloring agents which may cause skin problems such as acne, pimples, darkening, etc.

Moreover, the  green gram handmade soap is free from salicylic acid which may cause a lot of discomfort such as severe headaches, bad stomach problems, skin irritation, dryness, etc.,


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