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Our Aloe Vera and Glycerin Soap is a mild washing bar that contains glycerin and genuine aloe vera. For a feeling of renewal and hydration, calm, moisturise, and seal in moisture. It is safe for all skin types because it doesn’t include harsh ingredients. Enrich your skincare routine with the natural goodness of aloe vera and glycerin.


Moisturizing properties: Glycerin and aloe vera based soaps help keep your skin hydrated, especially beneficial for individuals with dry or sensitive skin.
Gentle and mild: Glycerin soaps are generally gentle on the skin as have a lower pH level compared to traditional soaps, making them less likely to strip away natural oils or irritate the skin. As a result, glycerin-based soaps are often recommended for people with sensitive or delicate skin.
Non-comedogenic: Glycerin and aloe vera do not clog pores, making glycerin-based soaps a good choice for individuals prone to acne or breakouts. These soaps effectively cleanse the skin without causing congestion, allowing the skin to breathe and reducing the risk of blemishes.
Soothing and calming: Glycerin and aloe vera is a natural reliever for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis and also helps reduce redness, itching, and discomfort associated with these skin conditions.
Increased lather and smooth texture: Glycerin helps create a rich lather when combined with water, allowing the soap to spread easily over the skin. This results in a smoother and more luxurious bathing experience.

Suitable for:

Aloe green Soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation ensures a soothing and nourishing experience for every skin type.

How to use:

For optimal results, use Aloe Plus Soap 3-4 times a day, particularly during this season when skincare needs are heightened. To target hyperpigmentation, increase usage to 4-5 times daily. Use in the morning and evening as part of your skincare regimen for best results.


Aloe vera extract
Virgin coconut oil
Coconut oil
Coconut cake

What’s out:

Aloe green soap is free from synthetic fragrances that may cause irritation. It is made using a glycerin base, avoiding the use of inferior soap noodle bases. Additionally, it is formulated without the presence of caustic soda, ensuring a gentle and nurturing product for your skin.

Experience the unique benefits of aloe vera and glycerin with Aloe green soap. Treat yourself to this natural, rejuvenating soap that nourishes and enhances your skin’s natural beauty.

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