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About Eyal Veda

Nurturing Life with Nature's Bounty

Welcome to Eyal Veda, your trusted source for exceptional, 100% natural and organic products. Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Tamil Nadu, we have been crafting a legacy of well-being since our establishment in 2010. Committed to your satisfaction, Eyal Veda is a leading name in the realm of natural organic products, catering to a discerning clientele.

Our Deep Roots in Nature

At Eyal Veda, we understand that true wellness is inseparable from nature’s wisdom. Our journey is guided by an unwavering respect for the environment and an enduring commitment to safeguarding its purity. In Erode, we have emerged as pioneers, blending traditional wisdom with modern sensibilities to offer you the very best in organic living.


A Bounty of Natural Offerings

Eyal Veda takes immense pride in presenting a diverse portfolio of products, each crafted with the essence of nature. From our renowned Herbal Soaps and invigorating Aloevera Soaps to the restorative Vetiver Shampoo and soothing Aloe Vera Gel, our range is a testament to our dedication to quality and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the age-old charm of Javadhu Powder and Fresh Hair Powder, savor the nourishing embrace of Millet Noodles, and experience the comfort and care of our eco-conscious Sanitary Napkins. Our commitment is to provide you with the purest, most enriching products that nature has to offer.

A Vision for a Healthier Future

Eyal Veda envisions a world where the principles of nature take center stage in our daily lives. Our mission is to bring this vision to fruition by making organic living accessible, enjoyable, and transformative. Every product that bears the Eyal Veda name carries our commitment to quality, purity, and ethical practices.


Join Us on the Journey

We invite you to be part of the Eyal Veda experience, where the power of nature converges with the authenticity of tradition. Explore our diverse range, discover the wonders of natural living, and partner with us to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing Eyal Veda. Together, we celebrate the abundance of nature, one product at a time.

Professional & Friendly Team

Our Happy Customers

P. Dybala

EyalVeda - an online marketplace,Variety of goods & affordable.Much more than that i’m expect. Really awesome & satisfied!

Laura Lorewnce
I don’t know what else to say, this is something that you haven’t seen before. Super fast delivery, affordable & outstanding support.
Katherline Obel
I bought very products on thismarketplace. They shipping veryfast & quality of product alwayguarantee fresh 100%
Katherline Summer
Managing Partner

I bought very products on thismarketplace. They shipping veryfast & quality of product alwayguarantee fresh 100%.

Our Happy Customers


I’ve had severe eczema. And the best way to cure it, is by change my diet and the exposure to inorganic materials. The soap and shampoo from Eyal Veda helped me a lot in this battle.


I’m really surprised by the effects of aloe vera and vetiver shampoo. Because i had dry scalp and been suffering from it for a long time. Their shampoo did miracles.


The aloe vera gel from Eyal Veda is 100% pure like they endorse it. The good quality of aloe vera gel is hard to find as most of them are combined with preservatives to get a long shelf life. But the gel from Eyal Veda is really good.


I was awestruck on the results of the kuppaimeni soap. My skin was prone to acne and frequent breakouts. After using the kuppaimeni soap from Eyal Veda my skin issues were a tale from the past.


The premium anion napkin from Eyal Veda does what it was advertised and above. Really good product for people who are suffering from a painful cycle. I definitely recommend this product from eyal veda.

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